It’s not just the level of service that impressed us, but how the service was delivered—with warmth, friendliness, humor and caring.
John and Suzan Henkel, Former Seller ClientsJ.A. Henkel Co., Inc.

Who We Are

Glen Cooper

Founder & Managing Partner

Business Broker/Business Coach

Glen has been a business broker since 1979. He has successfully led business brokerage firms in Maine, New Hampshire and Colorado. For 26 years, he was also an active and credentialed business appraiser. He is even a well-known national instructor and coach for business brokers.

Carolyn Ryan, MBA

Founding Partner

Business Broker/Business Coach

Carolyn is a business broker who brings over 20 years of combined expertise as both a partner in three family-owned businesses and as an international sales and marketing specialist. She is a skilled financial analyst and marketer, a savvy sales & operations professional and a seasoned negotiator.

Scott D. Perry, MBA

Founding Partner

Business Broker/Business Coach

Scott was raised by a Small Business Owner and gained over 20 years’ experience himself as owners of both “virtual” and a “bricks-and-mortar” small businesses. He has helped turnaround and launch several companies and enjoys helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Why Choose Us


Effective business selling systems transform the process for our clients.


Helping clients establish and defend business values is our specialty. Our broker training, mentoring and peer review systems assure a high standard. Our goal is to offer sound advice and professional counsel to both seller clients and buyer prospects.


Preserving confidentiality is basic procedure for us. We have systems to camouflage the identity of businesses we sell and guard proprietary information.


Marketing for multiple clients compounds the effectiveness for each. A coordinated and on-going campaign to sell many businesses attracts the largest possible pool of potential buyer prospects.

Screening and Qualifying

Screening and qualifying businesses and prospects is a key benefit we offer our seller clients. It prevents excessive disclosures. It saves the sellers’ time. It creates successful transactions.

Negotiating and Closing

Our clients get a team leader when they choose us. We are clear about our role as brokers—part of a professional team working for the client—to achieve the goal of a timely and profitable sale.


Teamwork gets the job done like nothing else can.

Exclusive Representation

We represent seller clients only. We are not buyer brokers. Our exclusive representation of sellers allows us to give the best service to sellers without the potential for confusion or conflicts.


We know Colorado, its economy and it businesses. For us, Colorado is home, not the far end of a sales territory.


We are grounded in the real world of business ownership. We combine our experience in business valuation, business brokerage, business ownership, business operations, law, accounting and sales.


If you’re looking for a business in Colorado, you can’t miss us. You can find us—and so can prospective buyers! We have the right name, the right location, the right website and the right connections.

Track Record

Successfully selling businesses gives us experiences that count.

The Best Offering Summary

Our marketing materials are simply the best. The Offering Summary we prepare for our clients was once called “the best we’ve seen!” by Tom West, founder of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA).

A Strong Digital Presence

We believe in sharing information and in the value of establishing a presence that can be counted on.

A History of Success

Our firm is built on the foundation of our Senior Partner, Glen Cooper’s, over 30 years of experience and over 500 successful transactions. Coupled with the rich and diverse backgrounds and expertise of our broker team, you are working with fellow entrepreneurs who are committed to delivering for you.

Collaborative Focus

Transparency, accessibility and a meeting of the minds is what drives our firm. Offering extensive education, information and support to clients, customers and our team is empowering to everyone.

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